Curriculum Vitae


2022 - Specialized Graduate Diploma (D.E.S.S.) in game design.
University of Montreal.

2022   Bachelor of Digital Music

             University of Montreal.

2018   Professional Music and Song Techniques
             CÉGEP of Saint-Laurent.


2022   Waves of Sorrow.Video game, Sound design.

2022   Dragon's Prophecy.Escape Room, Sound design.

2022   Okan. Game jam, audio lead.

2021   Medbot. Video game, sound design.

2021   Evo\Wave. Video game, Integration, music and sound design.

2021   Endling. Film, Music and sound design.

2021   Zoé. Game jam, audio lead.

2020   Axo. Video game, Sound design.

2019   Toontown Offline. Video game, Music.


2022   Breath of a Machine

2021   The Great Filter

2021   Antiphone.

2021   Triages

2020   Rouille Raffinée

2019- MR.63

2019   Net History

Software. Ableton Live, Wwise, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop,                              Unreal 4.
Language French and English.